Bio Pic Nathan Coffman is a Certified John Lyons Trainer, bringing his own unique techniques and skills to the arena and round pen.

With Nathan’s 20 years of equine experience he has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of horses and their behavior. Nathan began his equine experience at a summer camp when he was 12 years old. It was only after his experiences at this camp that he realized the intensity of his interest in and eventual passion for horses. Nathan went on to attend University of Findlay, in Ohio, where he majored in Equine Studies. It was during those studies that he first learned of John Lyons and began studying his training and philosophies. Shortly thereafter he applied to and was accepted into John Lyons Certification Program. It was during the program when Nathan realized the extent of his passion for training horses and teaching people. Nathan graduated from John’s program in 1997.

For the past 14 years Nathan has been dedicated to teaching, applying, and further developing his skills and techniques of “training without trauma” as first learned from John Lyons. He is continually learning and developing his training techniques, which is just one of the many qualities that make him such a responsible and respected trainer. Nathan uses easy to understand techniques of communicating effectively with horses through unique methods of conditioned response. Nathan has an exceptional ability to read horses and people, which make him an outstanding trainer and instructor of both. His clients range from pleasure and trail riders to serious competitors in such diverse fields as reining to dressage and eventing. They have all benefited from both the physical and emotional rewards obtained by the education and training received from Nathan. He has worked with a wide variety of breeds from drafts to minis and countless breeds between. Nathan works with all skill levels in both horses and owners. His focuses range from the unbroken horse to horses with behavioral and fear issues, to those in need of fine tuning and further education.

Nathan offers a variety of services from private training and trailer loading to clinics and symposiums. During the private training, Nathan initially works with the horse on a lesson developed to specifically address the issues expressed by the owner. Once the horse understands the lesson, Nathan will then work with the owner to give them the understanding to be able to continue and apply the lesson and training. Nathan is an inspiring, entertaining and engaging clinician and trainer, making learning fun and exciting.

Most recently Nathan has completed the Practical Farrier Course at one of the best farrier schools in the country, Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, MO in April 2009. Nathan was born and raised in Ohio where he currently resides.

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