In my 35+ years with horses, no one has taught me more than this young man, 23 years my junior. Nathan's natural instinct with horses and the compassion and patience his personality brings to training, leaves everyone he teaches more insightful, knowledgeable, and above all, safer with their horse than they were before they worked with him. This method of training taught by Nathan is time well spent."     - Cheryl, MI

"I have been working with Nathan for over two years and am now my horse's leader. I am convinced that Nathan has saved my life. Although my mare will always be willful, Nathan has taught me how to work with and around her stubborn nature. I now know what a wonderful horse I have."     - Mary, MI

"Nathan's principles and willingness to teach me John's method has been outstanding. He has inspired me to learn more and be a better teacher as well. Not only does he help you communicate with your horse but he also applies it to people as well. People are usually the problem when it comes to horses and Nathan does a good job breaking it down."     -Katie, OH

"I am the director of a therapeutic riding stables that works with sexually abused and physically abused children which uses horses as part of their treatment. My staff and I attended Nathan's Gettysburg clinic with some of our therapeutic horses. The knowledge and techniques we acquired are invaluable! When your horses understand what you want the lessons are safer, allowing therapy to be even more successful."     -Michelle, VA

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